Belize Attractions

Just Belize It With The Exotic Attractions

Belize, the only unspoiled place on earth brims with natural beauty. The fascinating country was popularly known as British Honduras during its colonial days. Apart from world’s second largest barrier reef, this Caribbean getaway stands out for its mountain pine forests, monkeys and jaguars, white sandy beaches, lush jungle, ancient Mayan ruins, caves and coral atolls rimmed by fish-rich reefs.

Without a single trace of doubt, Belize is among one of those few countries that offer a slice of wildlife, traditional culture and a wonderful dish of archaeological sites in a relatively small area. The country has so much to offer that even the most jaded traveler will gush into an experience that will leave them with memories that won’t fade away ever.

Pump yourself up, forget all the worldly nuisance for a few days, pack your bags and land into this exquisite country for a vacation of a lifetime.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife
Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve

Catch The 4-Legged Beauty…

Established in 1986, this beauty is a haven for nature buffs. This 150 square-mile section of the jungle has 200 jaguars, the largest concentrated population in the world. The mountainous tropical forest here responsibly does its job of protecting an awing plethora of wildlife that includes pumas, tapirs, jaguars, monkeys, anteaters and snakes. Birder by passion? Scarlet macaws and toucans will blow your heart away.

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Caye Caulker

The Tropical Island Everyone Dreams About…

Undeniably, this hotspot is a diamond in the rough for budget travelers and bohemian souls. The tiny island is adorned with coconut palms and mangroves. Visitors come here to chill out by enjoying trips out to the reef to dive, swim and snorkel. For a dose of the sandy streets here, bikes and golf carts are offered as the chief transportation. What else? The Caye Caulker Mini-Reserve is blessed with nature trails labeled with rich flora and fauna.

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Lamanai Archaeological

The longest continually-occupied site in Mesoamerica…

Lamani refers to "Submerged Crocodile" in the Mayan language. Images of these species are found on the excavated pottery, buildings and figurines of this famous archaeological site that has 900 structures and a museum. Highlights here are Temple of the Jaguar, the Mask Temple and the High Temple, which offer panoramic jungle views upon climbing. Other sightings include tombs, churches, plazas and statues made by the Mayans.

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Caracol Natural Monument Reservation

Beauty resting within the lush Belizean forests…

Being the largest archaeological site in Belize, this monumental piece is situated on the Vaca Plateau, 152 meters above sea level. Spread in a lush area of 30-square miles, this ruin site has a small on-site museum, an observatory, a vision center and about 35,000 buildings constructed by the Mayans. Largest among them is the Caana, which means ‘sky palace’, a large pyramid, also the tallest building in Belize. Visiting times are from 8 am to 4 pm .

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Ambergris Caye

The #1 destination by the travel authorities…

Not just the largest island off the Belize coast, this tourist attraction is also a major destination for travelers urging to bask in the sun and surf on the beautiful white-sand beaches. Its clear blue Caribbean waters are an exciting call for fishing, scuba diving, jet-skiing, snorkeling, sailing, swimming and simply relaxing by the water. San Pedro Town, the city on this island, greets everyone with a variety of restaurants, stores and lodging. Canoeing, hiking in the jungle, bird-watching, kayaking, bicycling and visiting Mayan ruins are some things to do.

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Lighthouse Reef Atoll and the Blue Hole

The most breathtaking diving paradise on planet Earth…

Nirvana for the nature lovers and divers! Six cayes surround a breathtaking lake with fascinating coral formations, white-sand beaches and coconut palms. The famous Great Blue Hole is the top draw here. Diving into the sapphire-toned sinkhole, divers can view the bizarre limestone stalactites that protrude from the steep walls. One can explore the island’s lighthouse and unwind on the captivating beaches. Coming back to divers, there are excellent wall dives and plenty of marine life to experience closely.

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An unsurpassed tropical haven…

Settled on the end of a sandy peninsula, Placencia is well-known fishing village and beach resort. Fresh seafood, boating in the lagoon, snorkeling in the Silk Cayes Marine Reserve are activities travelers from around the world come here for. Near the village is Laughing Bird Caye National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with coral reefs and hiking trails. Nature lovers can book a cruise through the mangroves on the Monkey River to see howler monkeys, crocodiles and birds.

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