About Belize


History of Belize

Belize’s civilization dates back to 17th century, when English and Scottish pirates spread throughout until it became British Honduras from 1862-1973 after which it claimed independence in 1981. With open arms to accept refugees, culturally varied groups like Mestizo, Mennonites, Garinagu and Creole, have found home in Belize.


Geographical Expanse

This 8867 sq. miles vast country, supporting 388,000 population count, beholds its place in the south of Yucatán Peninsula which is connected to Mexico from its north and Guatemala from west and south. It opens up to the Caribbean Sea from its east.

Beaches, swamp lands and tropical vegetation cover the land with majestic Mayan ruins to decorate the pride of Belizeans.


Political & Economical Stature

Gaining independence in 1981, Belize eventually became a constitutional monarchy with two legislative houses. Belize City was supposedly the capital but Hurricane Hattie in 1961 destroyed half of the city due to which the current capital was renounced to be Belmopan. Currently, it is a stable and surging economy with 2 BZ$ equal to 1 US$.


Health Care & Education Scenario In Belize

Being a developing country, Belize is doing fairly well in providing health care facilities to its countrymen. With private and public hospital and clinics, one can depend on its system. United Nations and European Union have been providing constant assistance in keeping the quality and quantity of services provided as high as standard in developed nations.

On the other hand, education institutes are flourishing to provide specialized training and education from primary to advanced students. Job opportunities are lucrative due to lesser competition.


Sundry Sites For Sight-Seeing

In the country where 55% of the population resides in rural areas, visiting these villages are often considered touristy. The hidden secrets of Belize are enormous to quote as they range from mainland beaches, world famous cayes, wildlife and sanctuaries and reserves, mesmerizing waterfalls and nowhere-in-world archaeological Mayan establishments. Click here to dig into Belize Attraction.

Adventures For Quick Adrenalin Rush

Belize stands firm on providing adventure-filled stay of residents and tourists around the year. It’s a heritage and nature mystic site in the world. Scoring a position in top magazine’s ‘Top Listed Vacation Places’, Belize is the pill for adrenalin. With legion of places to go and myriads of things to do, you can never cease to get surprised, enchanted and amazed. Make space for:

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Dive into Caribbean Sea to discover cave secrets

Scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, fishing and more in Belize Barrier Reef

Observe the amazing Belizean Jungle as you hike through the raw patch

Cave Kayaking, Tubing and Zipline in Belize City

Harvest Caye Horse-riding and Waterfall activities in Placencia

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Tranquilizing Food & Intriguing Cultural

The culturally diverse country has plunged immigrants and refugees to feel home instantly. It’s the place of lost wanderers looking for life in nature’s lap. The raised generation includes 8 major cultures - Maya, Kriol, East Indian, Garifuna, Mennonite, Mestizo, Chinese and Arab. As an official language, English is highly accepted. However, one can find, locals speaking, Mayan, Mandarin, Spanish and Belizean Creole. To know more about People & Culture of Belize, Click here.


Incited by the traditional families residing in Belize, the cuisine is a vast set of borrowed recipes. Famous for fry jacks, cakes, stew chicken, escabeche, tamales, and fish sere; you can expect the range of taste to vary from the US, the UK, Mexico and the Caribbean. Click here to know more.


Stories & Myths From Folklore

1. Don’t Dive In Water Or Turn Into Fish

Belizean mothers tell their kids that they’ll turn into fish if they swim in oceans and rivers on Good Friday.

2. The Thumbless Dwarf, El Duende

Folk believes killing animals can call upon the terror of El Duende, 3-foot tall Dwarf who hangs out in forests.

3. The Giant, El Sisimito

The fearful giant that makes justice with wrongdoers and invaders, is known to live on human flesh. The horrific hairy image drawn by locals indicates that El Sisimito doesn’t have knee and can swallow hot blood flesh.


myth don't dive



thumbless dwarf
Giant El Sisimito

Why People Travel To
Majestic Belize?

Global attention on Belize is a fair reason to spare time, spend money and travel to find what’s in its kitty! Many travelers came as wanderers but settled their roots here as this only-English speaking country in Central America, has:

  • Food variations that are succulent & savory
  • World famous Blue Hole, Barrier Reef, Islands & Cayes
  • Comprehensive and exclusive water sports and sites
  • Paradise for nature lover, birder and observer
  • Wildlife reserves & natural forests

Apart from earthly blessings, Belize is an economically favorable country for international businesses due to stable market and lower cost of living. Tourism and foreign real estate investors are the major runners of its growth.