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Connecting Dots From Past To Present...

Second half of the twentieth century had a dramatic story written for Belize. This country covered African slaves, refugees from politically stirred regions and economically depressed nations under its umbrella. Even though it churned into a multi-cultured and multilingual country, the force for independence only grew stronger in the colonial era. Immigration added to build the country but emigration added to its growth.

Dominating Ethnic Groups In “The Jewel”

The only choice between the devil and the deep blue sea for people was Belize. The resting lap of mother nature intrinsically imbued all the elements of depressed folk and merrily shared its resources to seed them with hope, nourish their health and balm their healing hearts. Let’s count on its branches:

1. The Maya

The ancient Maya culture bestowed the world with art, tradition and temples. They’re much inferior to modern ways. Though, it was believed that Maya culture has been swiped but Belize withholds their ethnicity untouched. In many southern regions, they’ll be found practicing agriculture, leading a farmer lifestyle and not inflicted by technology and outside world.


Language: Mayan

Known For: Farming, Ancient Spiritualism, Mayan Temples Ruins

2. Creole

The largest group of Belizeans is Creole which is believed to be a cross between white & colored ancestors when they were struggling to find a base here. This cultural mix has inured interesting food drift among which ‘Rich & Beans’ is considered to be the staple. Their spoken language is a close relative of English containing Spanish and French essence.


Language: Kriol

Known For: Taste in Music, Friendliness, Celebratory Cuisines

3. Mestizo

The intermarriage of major cultural groups, Spanish and Mayan born, resulted in Mestizo community. Harmoniously, they shared their cultural practices, food habits and festival. The tree of Mestizo generations grew with celebrating Catholic Christianity and its traditions with platters of authentic Maya food like tortillas, corn porridge, tamales, etc.


Language: Spanish, Portuguese, English

Known For: Cuisines, Foreign Ancestry

4. Garifuna

Slave descendants of Western and Central Africa who were imported to Belize as manpower to extract Timber, crossed their ways with island Caribs and Arawak people. Their illuminating culture brought life to Belize. Cultural practices like traditional dance and expressive cuisines are eye-pleasers.


Language: Garifuna

Known For: Jankunu Dance, Punta Dancing & Music, Mingling Culture

5. Mennonite

This ethnic group retains itself from indulging in pure Belizean routines. Eloping from civil war and political repression, Mennonites of Belize settled here in 1950s. They construe in villages limited to their community where they’re known for farming, poultry, carpentry and other craftsmen jobs. Seemingly introverts, but visitors are heartedly welcomed in their villages, restaurants and markets. Leading producer of grains, they seize their place well and confirmed.


Language: Plautdietsch, English, Belizean Spanish

Known For: Grain producer, Furniture, North American Styled Architectures

6. Minorities

Walking down the lane, it shouldn’t surprise you if you find Asians, Indians, Central Americans, Taiwanese, Nigerians, Garinagu and people from other nations jovially spending time together. Spreading the goodness of their heritage, these citizens have opened speciality restaurants, art shops, dance & music training centers and more. They practice spiritual healing and herbal medicines treatment on patients.


Language: Mandarin, Hindi, English

Known For: Spiritual practice, Restaurants, Friendly Neighborhood

Religious Belief Of
Culturally Diversified Nation

Belizeans are a true example of miscible beliefs. The peace between diversified groups imbibes the people with trust on other communities. Half of the nation follows Roman Catholic and other half reports to follow Protestantism, atheism or other Asian and African religions.


Safety & Security Of Belizeans & Visitors

Sailing through the wind of Belize can take you on rides of lifetime. With discoveries and exploration that never cease, you should remain buckled up to get surprises.

“Is Belize Safe?” might ache your mind but the country experiences 1.3M+ visitors each day in contrast to less than 0.4M population. The locals love to roll out the red carpet for their guests & usher them to have good times.

Tips To Follow When In :

  • Belize City is like any other metropolis where you’re advised to avoid secluded areas and rash behavior.
  • When on Placencia Beach, Ambergris Caye or going for water sports, take full responsibility of your belongings.
  • Use Mastercard, VISA or American Express credit/debit cards instead of excessive cash in wallet
  • When hiring taxi, check for green license plate and note down the number.
  • Household water in taps is drinkable but go for purified water as additional layer safety.
  • Police emergency number: 911
  • Stay away from illegal drugs and drinking pint bottle beer.
  • Get your vaccination done for better health.

Lights, Camera & Festivals!

If it is celebration, you’ve to do it like the Belizean way - vibrant sky, dazzling attires and stress releasing activities. Rejuvenate your days and nights with these holistic fun-filled festivals:

San Pedro Carnival

Paint your skin, wear embellished attires and glamour-wrap your make up to walk in the street. The parade to celebrate San Pedro Carnival is one-of-a-kind in the world.

Deer Dance Festival

Bringing the mixed culture on one platform, Deer Dance Festival is for everyone to enjoy traditional rituals, dance and music that mark hunt of the deer season in Maya culture.

Belize Independence Day

No end to the competitions and activities that take place around the city on 21st September of every year. The whole nation wakes up on the beat of freedom. Art galleries, artifacts and local flea markets make for a great stroll.

Chocolate Festival Of Belize

Toledo Cacao is the supreme quality product produced by Toledo district. To celebrate the salutary production of cacao seeds, freshly made chocolates and wines are cherished over 3-day long festival. Water sports, land adventure, fests and more are evident.

Battle Of The Drums

Drummers around the neighborhood come raging with talent to showcase their skills. The fight for trophies, appreciation and cash prizes get extremely pivotal. Bands from Belize, Guatemala and Honduras stand against each other to outdo others.

La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge

179-mile, 4-day long canoe race happens in March of every year. Participants row from San Ignacio to Belize City in Macal and Belize rivers. Locals boost participants with folk music and food.

The hot spree of actions and series of drama shall keep you hooked all around the year.
Are you ready to meet these amiable Belizeans?

“Living In Belize, the melting pot;
Soaking in its energy & vibes.
The perfect place of mangroves and sunspot;
The truest mankind that inscribes.”