Retire in Belize

Retire From Duty & Cherish
The Beauty... Of Belize!

Have you been dragging your life in the world’s busiest streets, most congested area or most polluted city? Do you plan to spend rest of your life in the same mess? It’s said, “Nothing’s over and it’s never late if you’re breathing.”

From the Mexico City to France, you’ve every right and opportunity to choose your after-retirement life on your terms. Come to the otherworldly land of natural beauty and retire in Belize to give yourself a second chance at life.

What Does It Mean To Live In Belize For Retirement?

Retirement period marks the beginning of the time where all your worries rest in past. Seeking the warmth of moment in compact streets, dirty neighborhood and noisy lanes is just not what one deserves. Belize, on the other hand, invites people to retire and buy their property on this tropical land. Let’s look at unforgettable & irrefutable reasons that make you pack your bags and take the flight to Belize:

retire in belize

Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Act

Personnel of age 45 or above can consider themselves under this policy and revel in the connected benefits. This particular regulation has enabled many Americans & Europeans to shift their homes in this islandic beauty.

retire in belize

Stable & Steadily Growing Economy

Over past two decades, businessmen have thought highly about Belize markets. It’s the junction for many international business meetings to take place. No ruthless policies to hinder with peace of businessmen. Also, the residents have a benefit at the stable pricing of daily need articles without any significant inflation in the market.

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Laws Are Citizen Friendly

The country of laid-back citizens has been through British rule and is a part of American central land, making it the friendliest country for citizens and visitors. However, the jurisdiction and government is pro-listener to conflicts and serve justice at priority.

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Affordable For Everyone

Belize, seldom prefers in importing and paying for excise duty. Due to the stable model of finances of this country, it is growing into one of the sustainable developing countries. Its tourism, real estate, food markets and retirement in Belize cost of living are comparatively 1/3rd to 1/2 of the neighborhood. Another reason for people without a pension can simply cherish.

belize retirement program

Health Care Booming As Flexible, Convenient and Inexpensive Field

Retired personnel aim to have a comfortable lifestyle with excellent medical advancement. Belize until last decade had less reservoir of doctors and hospitals but as the current prime minister got elected, the focus turned lives of residents which are now secured through public hospitals, specialized clinics, quick access to ambulances, medical affordability and treatment as per latest technology. In fact, Americans migrated to cut down medical expenses due to highly reduced taxes and bargained hospital charges.

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Buying Real Estates Is Easy As Pie

The difference in USA housing and Belize housing is so vast that a small compartment in Los Angeles and a villa with sea-facing view and patio to feel enormous comes at similar price. Belize retirement real estate is next to the tourism in growth rate and winning focus of entrepreneurs. Also, expats under QRP Act relish zero property tax!

Know More: Reflection Of QRP On Your Lifestyle

Belize is an open-arm for Expats to settle their bases in its palm green lands. How’s that?

If you’re 45 years or above, you’re eligible to register your name for Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) Act that allows you plethora of benefits. Bring home your cars, expensive items, furniture, airplanes or whatever is there in your purse without paying any importation charge at the terminal. Yes, no duty and taxes!

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Can You Be Considered Under Belize QRP Retirement Program?

The laws are lucrative for Belizeans as well as foreign personnel. You’ve to cross the legal age limit of getting retired as per your work profile. In general, the tag of ‘45 or plus’ is valid in most of the cases. Along with age restrictions, the application bearer has to show transferable balance of $2000 per month or $24000 yearly. This could be through aboard business revenues, pensions or non-pension sources.

Note: Dependents of the retired person can also come under QRP act.

What Are The Specifications Mentioned?

Apart from age barriers, you would need to make assure of following factors to get a QRP Residency Card:

  • Dependable includes wife and children below 18 years. (Children who are enrolled in educational institute up to 23 years are also included with proper verification of documents.)
  • Person shall be a recipient of monthly pension or annuity of $2000 or $24000 annually.
  • The beneficiary must provide an undertaking that minimum security amount will be deposited to Belizean bank, credit union or affiliated financial institute.
  • 30 consecutive days or 1 complete month in a year is a mandatory clause to enjoy the Residency Card under QRP Act.

What Are You Entitled To Get As QRP Benefits?

  • Residency Card is assigned on your name which allows you to make multiple entries in the country without Visa.
  • Duty Exemption on personal use articles in the first year of shifting in Belize including:
    • Personal Boat
    • Personal Aircraft
    • Personal Vehicle(Make of last 5 years)
  • Tax exemption on most of the incoming items, inheritance tax, etc.

How Should You Avail The QRP Residency Card?

The beneficiaries and their dependents need to go through documentation that is compulsory for verification of eligibility and liability of getting the Residency Card.You can simply login to and fill the form with appropriate documentation.

  • Prepare to submit your birth certificate, marriage certificate, income proof, medical report and police record of past 1 year.
  • Pay a non-refundable fee of US $150.

If your application is considered for QRP Residency Card, then US$1000 needs to be paid as application fee. Followed by US$750 for each dependable. US$200 for QRP Program Card. There’s a nominal US$50 annual charge that needs to be paid for the renewal of your card.

It’s time to put on your summer pants, slide into flip-flops, put on that beach hat and walk around the streets singing, “Hola!” to every next person when you retire in Belize. Experience & explore this country with the eyes of a Belizean. Retire but Enjoy being alive here!