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It’s time to make your Belizean dream come true. Buying or renting out a property in Belize will be uncomplicated with our experts by your side. Send us your queries and let’s get it started.

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Robin L. Bundy

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This is an agent with some real common sense and zeal. She has a great attitude, while also being very nice and friendly. She has a great amount of experience and education, but more than that she is just real. I like how well she knows her local and surrounding communities. She is very on the ball too, getting back to you very fast with updates and always answering her phone. Buying and selling can be difficult, and with a teammate like her on your side it is so much more seamless. I am excited to finally have the whole process behind me, and a new friend.
Thank You Robin

- Mark T.

Robin's cheerful spirit and expertise made our home buying experience exceptional! Her knowledge of the local real estate market was a big help with shopping for a new home. She was conscientious of my needs and paid great attention to detail.

- Patty. I.

Robin is the best realtor I have ever encountered during my years of purchasing and renting. Robin goes above and beyond to make re homing or relocating hassle free and is true and honest when it comes to finding the best fit for a family or individual. I would highly recommend Robin Bundy to family, friends and anyone in need of finding their forever home or a stepping stone to a place that suits their needs. Thank you again Robin Bundy for assisting our family and fur baby Roxy to a beautiful oasis we call home.

- Kim C.

Robin L. Bundy helped us purchase a property she had listed that is adjacent to our church. She negotiated the contract very quickly. She uses honesty, transparency and patience in the process. She referred us to other trusted professionals to help us along the way. She is very optimistic and very creative. We are very grateful that we had her alongside of us.

- Elizee M.

Robin was awesome in helping our family secure a rental home in Tequesta sight-unseen from the other side of the country. She was very responsive and persistent in her search for us and was in constantly in communication with us regarding options. She represented our interests very well during the process. Could not have done it without her!
Thanks Robin!

- Tom M.

My daughter was looking to purchase her first home. We meet Robin at an open house. She was extremely knowledgeable about the area and price points. She worked with us through all of our craziness. The things we requested from her were unheard of, but she was always there and helped with everything. It took my daughter eight months of her going back and forth with her fiance' to find the perfect home. Robin saved them over $15,000 with her knowledge and expertise of the laws and loopholes. She always treated us like family. I am so glad she was put into our lives...not only as our realtor but now our dear friend!

- Lisa G.

Ms. Bundy has been an excellent agent for my recent purchase! She was persistent with the seller and helped to push the sale through even though the seller was difficult. Robin made sure to dot every i and cross every t. She even helped with an open roof permit! Great job. thanks!

- Tony P.

I work with Robin on all my real estate transactions. In my opinion, she is the realtor realtor, the one any buyer or seller would want representing them The one who always goes the extra yard, forget the yard, the extra mile. The Realtor that cares from beginning of the process till the close. Go with Robin SHE IS THE BEST REALTOR I know.

Wayne R.

So often, people just (do their job).” You were better than that. You took customer/client care to a level I never expected or experienced. Your total dedication to satisfying my needs and desires was phenomenal. No task was ever too difficult, no resource was overlooked, no question ever unanswered. You were positively tireless in your pursuit of finding the perfect home for my son and I. Having bought and sold many homes/businesses in my life, I can honestly say I have never felt the confidence or complete peace of mind that you instilled in me during this adventure. I have never before felt moved to write a thank you letter to any agent I’ve dealt with in the past. You, however, are truly one in a million! I treasure the day you took my Florida home search project and made it “(our project).” I am proud to call you my friend.”

- John Manzi, of Sicklerville, N.J.