Land In Toledo

20 Acres of beautiful, fertile elevated land with an all-year creek

$40,000 Price

20 Acres

20 Acres of beautiful, fertile elevated land with an all-year creek

250 yards off the San Pedro Columbia Road, this all-weather accessible road features 20 acres of elevated, exquisite and fertile land that’s rich with captivating flora & fauna. Simply put, this farm land for sale in Belize is secluded yet easily reachable.

The terrain has rolling hills with an all-year creek crisscrossing its breadth. The peaceful and calm wooden beauty can be accessed by about 4 foot-bridges. Being concerned proprietors, the owners are particular about keeping the land clean & clear. The property looks like a relaxing destination through the forest.

As a fertile land, the property has fruit trees like mami-apple and coconut, which have grown on their own. Due to high elevation, floods are prevented no matter how long the rainy season is. Moreover, rolling hills offer act as natural drainage, which facilitates thriving of native plants and trees like coffee & cacao.

This land for sale in Belize is located just 14 miles away from Punta Gorda Town and the Caribbean Sea, 20 miles to the Guatemalan border and two miles away from the Ancient Maya Temples of Lebaantun. Road to Guatemala will be completed this year. Once done, border crossing will bring tremendous business between the two countries, which will take up the property value in the area.

Available at just US40,000.00, the property is worth investing for:

  • Retirement or resort purposes
  • Private family estate
  • Cultivation of fruit tress, hardwoods and raising cattle ranch

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